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Progressio launched the Say NO to Terminator seeds: be a seedsaver campaign on World Food Day 16 October 2007.

In May 2008 European governments will meet at the Convention on Biodiversity in Bonn to discuss Terminator Seeds. We want them to uphold and strengthen the ban they made in 2000. Poor farmers in the developing world need your help to make this happen. Here are some ways you can help persuade the British Government to do the right thing:
Be a seedsaver by signing our campaign seed packet and/or writing to your MP:

Cick here to take action and join the SAY NO to terminator seeds.

The UK working group on Terminator technology would like to thank everybody who has supported this global campaign by writing to their MPs and the UK government. Thanks to your efforts 259 MPs from all UK parties have signed Early Day Motion 1300 "Terminator technology".

However, this issue has not gone away. Biotechnology companies are actively developing Terminator, and once the technology is ready they will apply to field-test it using loopholes in current UK and EU legislation on genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Under current UK and EU legislation, an application to field-test Terminator, would be treated like any other GMO, namely, on a case-by-case basis, using narrow scientific data and not requiring socio-economic assessments.
It is vital that UK and EU legislation on GMOs is amended so that it acknowledges the very specific nature of Terminator technology, and makes socio-economic assessments compulsory for Terminator applications. This would send the right message to developing countries for whom seed-saving is so fundamental.
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