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April 2009

Bill to Ban Terminator Re-introduced!

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The Canadian strategy of the International Ban Terminator campaign is implemented by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

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Watch Photos and Video from the “Terminator on Trial: Suicide Seed Technology, Implications for Global Food Security and Farmers’ Rights” Ottawa, March 20, 2006
THE CRIME: The Canadian Government is attempting to lift the de facto global moratorium on Terminator technology.
THE JUDGE: Gerry Barr, CEO, Canadian Council for International Cooperation
THE HOST: Bob Carty, CBC journalist and documentary producer
THE KEY WITNESSES: Vandana Shiva (scientist from India), Percy Schmeiser (Canadian farmer who took on Monsanto), Colleen Ross (National Farmers Union)

Background on the Canadian Government promotion of Terminator:

At a UN meeting in January 2006 the Canadian Government supported the successful move by Australia to insert language that Terminator should be researched and studied on a “case-by-case” basis. This would have led to field trials of Terminator and an end to the existing de facto international moratorium. But at the major UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting COP8 in Brazil in March 2006, the Government of Canada was forced to back down from this position. The government did not defend this position and the moratorium was upheld and even slightly strengthened.

In February 2005, Canadian government officials (delegates) to a UN meeting tried to introduce new language to “allow for the evaluation” of Terminator for field testing and commercial use. This would have overturned the recommendation NOT to approve Terminator (also called GURTs- Genetic Use Restriction Technology). Click here to read the evidence in a LEAKED DOCUMENT which is instructions to Canadian delegates to the 2005 UN meeting. This was a shockingly bold move to push Terminator. The government was not successful because other governments across the world are working hard to uphold the international moratorium.