National Campaigns

National campaigns have successfully influenced governments to maintain the UN moratorium on Terminator Technology. This campaigning needs to continue to ensure that a international ban is now established.

National bans on Terminator technology are needed now - India and Brazil have national bans on Terminator. Please join the campaigns in your country.

Australia: The Australian Government played an aggressive role in trying to undermine the moratorium on Terminator at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. Australians sent letters to the government and, at the UN meeting in March 2006, the government backed away from publicly supporting Terminator. As a result, the UN moratorium has been maintained. A national ban is now needed to stop the Australian government from introducing Terminator to Australia and the world.

Sign the Petition!: 10,000 signatures have already been collected on a petition to the Agriculture Minister calling for an Australian ban on Terminator. Add your signature! Download the petition to collect signatures at

For more information:
Geneethics Network:
Greenpeace Australia:

Canada - April 2009 - The Private Members Bill to Ban Terminator has been reintroduced. You can email the Prime Minister today - Click here to press for a Canadian ban on Terminator.

Click here for more information on the Canadian Government position and the Canadian Campaign against Terminator.

Click here to see video of Vandana Shiva, Percy Schmeiser and Colleen Ross from the National Farmers Union speaking in Ottawa March 2006.


Spain : Ecologistas en Accion
Click here to see photos from street actions and public awareness activities
The Minister of Environment for Spain has already made public committments to guard the precautionary approach in relation to Terminator.

United Kingdom: Click here for information on the UK Government position and the UK campaign. Colour pamplets for public education and action are available.

If your group or communuity is interested in being a contact point for organizing and information, please contact us.