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Governments agreed to uphold and strenghten the international moratorium on Terminator at the UN but corporations and some national governments are still pushing for Terminator. We now need an international ban as well as national bans in order to stop Terminator seeds from ever being field tested and commercialized.

Join the campaign for a national ban in your country! Click below to find details:





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• Groups: Organizations sign on to the campaign here or email contact@banterminator.org Click here to see the list of over 500 endorsements

Individuals: Subscribe to receive email action alerts and breaking news . Sign-up to take urgent actions when most needed.

Write a letter to your government urging a national and international ban on Terminator: Click here for a sample letter and further details. (Nederlandse brief)

Join others in your area and become a Ban Terminator organizer. Organize events in your community. Click here to find contacts in your area.

Download materials from this website and bring them to meetings and events, share these materials with people in your community. Let us know if there are other materials you need.

Pass a group or community resolution against Terminator that states your concerns and demands action. These resolutions are important tools to communicate your opposition. Let us know. Click here to see a sample resolution.

Meet with your government officials. Take materials from this website and adapt them for meetings with government officials. Please contact us if you need support. Let us know how these meetings go and what your government says about Terminator.

Spread the word by posting a Ban Terminator web banner on your website. Please let us know if you do this. Click here for banners in different sizes.

Volunteer to help translate or research and investigate. Contact us.

More Action Tools:

Statements Made Against Terminator
• List of Terminator Patents
- updated October 2005 ( pdf)